Since I am an independent candidate and I have crossed the borders of organisations and parties, thousands of people have become a part of my journey. I am dedicating myself to this constituency for the next one and half decades.

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I have consistently worked to alleviate the problems that people have voiced, whether in villages or schools I have adopted. Having adopted villages and schools and aided in the development of education, sanitation and addressing the socio economic issues., I have a hands on approach to addressing and mitigating problems that also gives me a better understanding of people and their problems.

My unique position of growing up in a lower middle class household makes me committed to being the voice of the people when elected to parliament, and I swear that he won’t be just one more vote for another party. I feel the need now, to become a catalyst of change for a larger section of society than just the one off village or school. My entry into politics has not been a sudden one. My journey of over 3 decades of fearlessly standing up for what is right and not Compromising on my values has lead me to stand for elections from Bangalore Central. My democratic outlook is why I want to represent Bangalore Central in the Parliament and why I am the best candidate to affect changes in the right direction, at a policy level.


I was born and grew up, like many of us, on these very streets. I have since got into multiple film industries and have travelled and lived in various places. All of this has brought me back here, to the place that was an integral part of my formative years.

Not only did I go to school in the area but also got interested in acting and began my career here. I have seen the area transform from an area of warmth and humaneness to an area of intolerance and individualism. It has also seen some disturbing negative developments which  I would like to see rectified. I want to give back to the community I grew up in as much as I have got from it.

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